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The opening ceremony of DEREN Vietnam was successfully held

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On the morning of November 6, 2021, the opening ceremony of DEREN Electronics (Vietnam) Co., Ltd. was grandly held in Haiphong City, Vietnam, marking the official landing of DEREN Electronics' second overseas manufacturing base project.

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Relevant units attending the celebration activities are: Haiphong Customs, Haiphong City Management Committee, Haiphong Public Security Bureau, Haiphong Anyang Industrial Zone Management Office, Industrial and Commercial Bank of Vietnam, Vietnamese subsidiaries and local enterprise representatives of more than 100 Chinese enterprises such as Shenzhen Oulutong Electronics Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Dahua Technology Co., Ltd., Pulian Technology Co., Ltd. and Shenzhen Heertai Intelligent Control Co., Ltd..

At the celebration, Zhao Jianglai, Director of Operations of DEREN Vietnam, first conveyed the speech of Qiu Yang, President of DEREN Electronics. President Qiu congratulated DEREN Vietnam on its smooth opening and appreciated the team's struggle spirit despite the epidemic. He believes that challenges and opportunities coexist in the future. As long as this perseverance is maintained, DEREN Vietnam will surely achieve the budget output value in 2022 and achieve a breakthrough in the company's development!

Next, Director Zhao delivered a speech on the opening of DEREN Vietnam. He said that DEREN Electronics is a leading enterprise in the electronic connector industry with considerable scale and strength in Chinese mainland. The establishment of DEREN Electronics (Vietnam) Co., Ltd. is an important measure for DEREN to expand its production capacity and make its business bigger and stronger on a global scale, and it is also an innovative breakthrough that conforms to the development of the times. DEREN Vietnam can invest in setting up factories and mass production smoothly, which cannot be separated from the strong support of various functional departments of the Vietnamese government, the full help of the park management office and other brother enterprises, and the hard work of all employees in DEREN Vietnam day and night. Director Zhao extended his heartfelt thanks to all the guests attending the opening ceremony and all the employees of the company.

Subsequently, Ruan Jingdong, deputy director of Haiphong Customs, made an important speech. He welcomed DEREN Vietnam's entry into Haiphong City, and pointed out that Vietnam is one of the emerging economies in Southeast Asia, which has maintained a rapid growth rate in recent years. Foreign investment in Vietnam has increased year by year, and the working population is younger, which has great advantages in manufacturing and trade with China. The official commissioning of DEREN Vietnam is not only another beneficial attempt and experience accumulation of the company's global layout, but also will further introduce advanced manufacturing technology for Vietnam, create more employment opportunities and contribute to local economic development.


Finally, Director Zhao, Deputy Commissioner Ruan Jingdong and other leaders jointly held a ribbon-cutting ceremony, which made the opening ceremony of Vietnam a complete success.