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Long Xiaohong, deputy mayor of Xiangyang City, Hubei Province, and his party visited DEREN Electronics for investigation

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On October 28, 2021, Long Xiaohong, deputy mayor of Xiangyang City, Hubei Province, and Deng Zhuohai, secretary of the Party Working Committee of Xiangyang High-tech Zone, visited DEREN Electronics for investigation. Wang Hai, Secretary-General of DEREN Electronics, and Huo Zhudong, Director of Technology Center, led a team to receive them warmly and had cordial talks with leaders of Xiangyang Municipal Government.


The investigation team visited DEREN Electronics Exhibition Hall, Laboratory and Manufacturing Workshop successively. They had a detailed understanding of the development history of DEREN Electronics, and the superior products such as connectors, vehicle wiring harnesses and on-board chargers for new energy vehicles independently developed and produced. Vice Mayor Long fully affirmed our products and industrial layout, and expressed his appreciation for our hard work, down-to-earth and hard-working spirit, as well as our eclectic and innovative exploration spirit.


At the symposium, Chairman secretary, Wang Hai introduced the company's operation, future development direction and strategic planning in detail. Vice Mayor Long highly recognized DEREN Electronics' achievements in the industry in the past 30 years, and focused on the location advantages, industrial structure and policy support of Xiangyang High-tech Zone. It is hoped that in the process of investigation and research, more outstanding and practical enterprises can be excavated to visit Xiangyang.